Email Marketing

Let me tell you one thing about email marketing - it most certainly isn’t dead! A well-built mailing list is probably the most valuable asset a business can utilise. Whether it’s converting warm prospects into paying customers or swaying one-time purchasers into faithful, returning brand advocates. The average ROI for email marketing is 4,200%, what business would could turn down the potential for a return of that scale?
Email marketing offers a private community of leads and loyal customers that can be contacted in a cost-effective, time-effective manner. Why? Because the whole system can be fully automated. Imagine writing one email to a client and it results in a sale. So you copy and paste it to another two thousand clients and your conversions go crazy!
It’s also a great way to nurture the less motivated portion of your audience, by offering great insights into your industry via blog posts or suitable ‘how-to’ guides. Discounts and special deals are also a fantastic way to persuade this type of traffic to make their first purchase from your company.
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Case Studies


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We knew we had to take our lead generation into the 21st century and the Desert Dog team took us there. We previously relied solely on cold outreach and referrals, but now our whole system is automated and our leads have increased by over 50%, the difference is outstanding!”
By Ross
After creating our animated training courses, we knew we had a product that could revolutionise the training methods in the Health and Social Care sector, we just didn’t know how to get it in front of the right people. Desert Dog took care of everything and our sales hit 150% of our target in the first month, we couldn’t be happier!
By Gillian
We needed help with our marketing, but I wanted full control over my brands image. Desert Dog took care of the technical aspects and gave me full control of the front-end content. Overall, we’ve seen a 4x return on investment and we couldn’t recommend Desert Dog enough!
By Victoria Goulbourne
Email Marketing
A tried and tested, cost and time effective method of increasing warm traffic conversions and returning customers
Content Creation
Entice prospects with eye-catching content and engaging copywriting. Our creators develop written, audio and visual content to suit your brand
Web Development
Create a traffic converting, stunning website to showcase your brand's image online. A website not only has to look amazing; it has to convert like crazy – and our team knows the formula
Social Media Management
Get in front of your audience in the places they hang out online. Social media platforms are an incredible tool to promote your brand and advertise your products or services
PPC Advertising
Create instant flows of red-hot traffic to your website, filled with prospects who are actively looking to buy your products or services.
Boost your organic traffic on major search engines with a growth strategy specifically created for your business