PPC Advertising
PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click is simply the fastest way to get instant results on your advertising investment. Use ‘ready to buy’ keywords to get your ads in front of red-hot prospects, teetering on the edge of a purchase decision. Get this right or run the risk of handing these prospects over to your competitors on a silver platter.


In recent years PPC has become far more competitive, with a growing number of businesses utilizing the tool and driving up the price of valuable marketing real-estate. That’s why it’s imperative you have experts managing your campaigns or you’re more than likely flushing part of your ad spend down the drain.


Here at Desert Dog, we’re different from other agencies because we don’t just focus our campaigns on ‘number of clicks’ or even ‘Cost Per Click (CPC)’. We focus on conversions. Our team will analyze your sales funnel and offer ways to drive down your Cost per Acquisition (CPA) through improved landing pages or directed retargeting campaigns.

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Email Marketing
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Content Creation
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PPC Advertising
Create instant flows of red-hot traffic to your website, filled with prospects who are actively looking to buy your products or services.
Boost your organic traffic on major search engines with a growth strategy specifically created for your business